Ventilated T-shaped airlocks

Ventilated T-shaped airlocks

Ventilated T-shaped airlocks are three-door systems which are used to ensure transfers between two glove boxes, two isolators or two containment enclosures. Similarly, they are also used to ensure transit from/to the outside through a front door. They are mounted on glove boxes operating mainly under negative pressure air or containment enclosures.

The standard design of the airlocks is generally cubic in transparent acrylic or Corian. These are airlocks whose doors can  be equipped with interlocking in certain models. They allow for the transfer of samples, instruments, tools and components without breaking the containment of the enclosure to which they are connected.

Their operation is based either on a simple ventilation of the airlock via a HEPA filter, or on a process of depression and ventilation of the chamber before opening the interior door. They are used in the nuclear sector, biology and the pharmaceutical industry. They ensure secure transfers in every area where operator protection is paramount.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Cubic airlock: tailor-made dimensions
HEPA filter(s) depending on application
Manual and/or automatic control on touch screen
Leak rate < 10-5 mbar.l/s

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