Autonomous Extraction Fans

Autonomous Extraction Fans

Autonomous Extraction Fans

For glove boxes operating under air, Gsafe in particular, it is possible to provide an independent extraction fan. This extractor provides ventilation through HEPA filters and depression of the enclosure. Designed to operate continuously 24/7, the equipment is highly reliable and will contribute to safe handling.

It ensures the autonomous operation of a containment enclosure when the extraction flow rate and the depression of the general extraction network of the room are not sufficient. However, the fan outlet must be connected to an extraction point in the room or an extraction hood.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Motor power: 0.18 kW – 1.5A
Voltage: 230V
Pressure difference: 1400 Pa for a vol ˜140m3/h
I/O connections: fluted end Ø63 mm
Mounted on an anti-vibration stainless steel plate

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