Membranes for Jacomex valves

Membranes for Jacomex valves

Membranes for Jacomex valves

Jacomex valves (regulation or safety) have been in operation for decades on many high security installations, particularly in the nuclear industry, but also in the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. They play an essential role on a daily basis for the safety of operators and the environment. For them to continue to provide long-term safety and regulate containment depression or ensure safety in the event of an accidental breach of containment, it is essential to replace internal parts, in particular the internal membrane. After years of operation, it can fluctuate over time, deteriorate or become porous depending on the characteristics of the atmosphere to be regulated.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Used for polymer (VpeR) and stainless steel (VMR) control valves.
Used for stainless steel safety valves (VMS).
Available in different diameters and designs depending on the model:
Contact our after-sales service beforehand to check the model reference and the list of other spare parts.
Replacing a membrane is a meticulous operation that should only be done by qualified technicians.

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