Cleaning Kit (broom and wipes)

Cleaning Kit (broom and wipes)

The cleaning kit (broom and wipes) is used to clean or completely decontaminate the internal surface of a glove box or a pharmaceutical isolator.

Particularly effective on a device with rounded corners and/or with a neat finish by electropolishing, the articulated arm is easy to use thanks to its articulated handle. Our wipes are designed to disinfect and clean all the internal surfaces of the glove box or the isolator, including the rear face and the ceiling. Used wipes should be discarded and disposed of through the facility’s appropriate transfer system.

For a glove box where powders and chemical products are handled, the cleaning kit makes it possible to preserve the environment in a satisfactory and lasting state of cleanliness. For a pharmaceutical isolator, the cleaning kit allows for effective pre-cleaning of the surface before opening the enclosure.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Stainless steel arm
Articulated head with stainless steel wipe support tip
Pack of disposable wipes (type and quantity depends on use)

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