Glove boxes used in powder processes generally benefit from a special configuration and fittings such as internal cleanability, filters, vacuum cleaners, electrostatic risk management, secure powder transfers, etc.

As part of this type of equipment, our R&D department has developed a cyclone system which allows fine particles to be separated from the air or neutral working gas circulating in the glove box. The system enables those powders which escape during the manufacturing process to be collected and recovered directly in bags or containers in the work area. This process ensures that, whatever the risks present and their specificities (toxicity, flammability, etc.), the recovered powders or particles remain confined to the work area constituted by the glove box.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Crossing for mounting on enclosure wall: ISO KF connection
Stainless steel construction
Flow according to customer specifications
Disconnectable interior stainless steel container (optional)

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