Ionizer for Glove Boxes


Some powders that are extremely powdery and sensitive to dry or pure atmospheres (<1 ppm H2O) may be difficult to weigh, synthesize, experiment, characterize or work with in general due to the static electricity that is created in the interior space of the glove box.


Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of the ionizer:

24V DC power supply with remote control outside the glove box
Available in different lengths and models depending on the necessary neutralization distance
Long-life ion emitters with status LEDs

In addition to the standard options and equipment we offer for working on nanoparticles, ceramic or metallic powders, silicon or carbon nanopowders, we regularly integrate a static electricity eliminator. Incomparably effective compared to the small benchtop static eliminators offered by non-specialists, our antistatic bar ensures that static electricity is neutralized over the entire length of the glove box thanks to the emission of positive and negative ions on the workspace.


This equipment can be installed on the following glove box models

Modular glove box with autonomous purification unit <1PPM H2O – O2

Compact purified glove box <1PPM H2O – O2 for research and industry

Modular glove box in gas scavenging. Easy to use, low maintenance.

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