Primary dry pump

Primary dry pump

The quality of the pumping in a glove box is important. The stability of the purity of oxygen and humidity in a glove box also depends on this. Indeed, the vacuum pump is used to evacuate gas or air from transfer locks mounted on glove boxes with purification units.

For specific applications such as semiconductors in a clean room or deposition of thin layers for example, where traces of hydrocarbons must be avoided, it is necessary to change technology and to carry out airlock vacuum cycles using a dry pump.

Its cost, which is higher than that of a vane pump, is offset by undeniable advantages such as reduced maintenance and low operating costs, long service life and low noise level. Dry pumps are in fact suitable for all of today’s advanced technologies. After an initial exchange of information, we will help you to select the brand and model best suited to your needs.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Oil-free dry pumps
Flow rates: 6 m3/h – 12 m3/h – 18 m3/h depending on model
P. limit: 7.10-2 hPa – 5.10-2 hPa – 3.10-2 hPa depending on model

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