Custom-made Gloveboxes

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The custom-made glove box is part of the solutions offered by Jacomex to contribute to the acceleration of technological innovation in the field of containment. It respects environmental and safety constraints as well as integrating new machines and instruments in a reliable fashion.

Since its creation, Jacomex has developed a certain know-how in the creation and supply of glove boxes and isolators, neutral gas purification systems and high security glove boxes.

Why A Custom-made Glove Box?


For research as well as for industry, having a custom-made glove box means using a unique structure, specially manufactured for the implementation of specific products or processes. Jacomex has perfectly mastered containment and tightness control techniques. The company shares its expertise in cutting-edge industrial sectors (development of lithium batteries, energy storage) and in academic research (chemistry, nanotechnologies, biology, physics, etc.).

For the industrial sector (petrochemicals, defense and aeronautics, microelectronics, additive manufacturing), we can develop anaerobic enclosures, pharmaceutical isolators, protective enclosures, dry or controlled atmosphere glove boxes, as well as glove boxes designed to be operational in clean rooms.

Having a custom-made glove box also provides the assurance of being able to confine the work area, especially when handling dangerous products or when the work requires a finely controlled atmosphere. The work area is then safe for the environment and for the operator.


A Tailor-made Solution


We offer solutions that meet the needs of users as closely as possible. Thus, materials, dimensions, volumes, shapes and integrations will be precisely calculated depending on the particularities of each project. Indeed, the main elements conditioning the configuration of the glove box are the following: the operations to be carried out in the hermetic enclosure, the environment, the normative and safety aspects, the integration and accessibility to the machines and internal instrumentation.

We design the glove box depending on your application and uses in such a way that it allows the user to work efficiently. All the specificities and particular aspects are taken into account in the design of a custom glove box.


Why Choosing a Jacomex Custom Glove Box?


Entrusting Jacomex with the design of your custom glove boxes, you get:

  • A dialogue that focuses on technical issues and expert advice.
  • A range of standard, customized or multi-purpose glove boxes for volumes ranging from a single workstation to enclosures of several dozen m3.
  • A range of neutral gas purification units (Ar, N2, He) with stable purification capacities adapted to the volume to be purified, avoiding frequent regeneration and maintenance interventions.
  • Exceptional flexibility in the definition of the user’s needs and technical solutions.
  • Exchanges with technicians and engineers from the beginning of the project definition phase and throughout the life of the equipment.

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Our clients

Many customers from a variety of industries have trusted Jacomex to design and manufacture their glove boxes, insulators and air purification systems.

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