Are you sure about the quality of the inert gas protection for your welds? 

8 Feb 2024Application, Company

In a glove box, the answer is yes!

Explanation: Take, for example, the case of titanium welding, sensitive to oxygen and humidity, for which argon gas protection is imperative. Instead of attempting to locally protect the weld, what could be better than a glove box for welding with complete peace of mind? The entire containment enclosure is inerted with argon gas purified to less than 50ppm of O2 and H2O. Thus, there is no risk of modifying the characteristics of the material used, welding parameters are completely controlled, and the risks of non-compliance due to lack of gas protection are eliminated.

Beyond greatly improved quality, glove box systems protect the welder, who is isolated from dangerous microparticles or toxic components. Welding fumes are also easily collected and treated by filters inside the glove box.

For those needing to integrate welding robots, our XXL format glove box, the G(Mega), can accommodate up to 50m3! And beyond!

As an added bonus at Jacomex, if needed, our clients and their teams can come to our workshops near Lyon to test welding in an inert glove box themselves.