JACOMEX supplier of Aledia, rated top startup of the French-Tech of the week by La Tribune

22 Oct 2019Company

JACOMEX has supplied a line of gloveboxes to the Grenoble-based company, which is seeking to position its technology against the American and Korean giants in the race for future lightings for smartphones, connected watches and augmented reality glasses.

Aledia is developing a patented technology, unique in the world, in collaboration with the LETI (CEA Grenoble), called WireLED™.

Compared to today’s liquid crystals and OLEDs, Aledia’s WireLED™ offer superior brightness and superior energy efficiency. Controlled atmosphere glove boxes are commonly used in semiconductors and electronics for nanoparticle-loaded resin-deposition processes on silicon substrates. JACOMEX is backing up Aledia and wishes its team best success.