New Year, New Perspectives! 

18 Jan 2024Company

The beginning of this year 2024 marked the opportunity for Olivier de Feyssal, the new CEO at Jacomex, to make his first speech, reflecting on 2023 and kicking off 2024 on a positive note of motivation.

More than ever, Jacomex embodied our values in 2023 :

– Human : Indeed, this year witnessed the arrival of numerous collaborators, the establishment of new services, and a reorganization. The momentum initiated last year is set to continue into 2024.
– Operational Excellence : Internally, efforts were made to restructure, reorganize, and optimize our processes. The outcome : shortened delivery times, enhanced coordination between various departments, and the design of increasingly specialized projects.
– People Oriented : In 2023, we continued to place our clients and resellers at the core of our concerns. Our teams demonstrated unprecedented responsiveness, availability, and the ability to meet your needs.
– Innovation : A true driving force in our industry, research & development is poised to continually surprise you.