Nuclear Isolator

Nuclear Isolator

Isolators and glove boxes are essential pieces of equipment for the implementation of processes in nuclear medicine. The use of this equipment is necessary when handling radionuclides or radioactive elements, which emit different types of radiation.

These elements are capable of passing through the organs in various ways and their properties are exploited in nuclear medicine, especially for ultrasounds, radiology and MRI scans.

Why Use Nuclear Medicine Isolators?


The use of isolators and glove boxes for nuclear medicine is fundamental, as they allow all processes to be contained. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are keen to develop technologies that guarantee product protection and quality while also being concerned about the safety of their operators.

Isolators and glove boxes are used to contain cytotoxic agents during antiviral and biopharmaceutical therapy processes. They are also used for the magistral preparation of medicines. The isolators and glove boxes ensure that sterility assurance levels for pharmaceuticals are maintained, while they are also essential for protecting technicians and operators from hazardous compounds.

Like glove boxes, nuclear isolators reduce operating costs, optimize product quality and eliminate the possibility of effects that are harmful to personnel.


What are their advantages?


Compared to clean rooms, nuclear medicine isolators and glove boxes have the following advantages

A considerably higher level of safety assurance;

  • Optimal protection of technicians and operators from potentially hazardous substances; Better protection of products from any form of contamination
  • Better protection of products against any form of contamination;
  • Better classification (isolators work with class C GMP);
  • Improved reliability of risk assessments when processing highly effective substances;
  • Reduced costs for clothing, labor and other cleanroom expenses.

Containment solution providers can help the nuclear medicine industry to develop and optimize their key processes. Their solutions are very important to ensure the safety and security of operators, products and the environment.


Jacomex: supplier of isolators and glove boxes for nuclear medicine


In the field of nuclear medicine, various options are available when it comes to protecting products. Jacomex’s solutions in this area are isolators and glove boxes. Isolators eliminate the need for your operators to wear personal protective equipment, thus ensuring greater safety. Glove boxes and isolators are fully enclosed, pressurized and leak-proof units.

Jacomex’s isolators include two models of vacuum isolators with filtration, control and safety equipment. Technicians can handle products in optimal working comfort and in complete safety thanks to the safety and regulation valves integrated into the isolators. They offer a high level of adapted and configurable safety. Thanks to their 304L or 316L finish, with rounded corners, they are easy to clean. These products are the Pure Range (formerly GP(concept)) and G(safe) nuclear medicine isolators and glove boxes.

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