Transfer Glove Box

Transfer Glove Box

A transfer glove box is an essential tool to avoid any contact of the handled product with the ambient atmosphere. This equipment is used, for example, during the transfer of samples. Its usefulness also lies in the fact that it guarantees the protection of both the operator and the environment during the transit of samples.

This containment tool is very present in several fields: industry, R&D, but also in the pharmaceutical, energy, nuclear and medical sectors. Discover in this article all you need to know about the transfer glove box.

A Glove Box with Transfer System

The transfer glove box is the most suitable piece of equipment if a product must be handled in a confined or controlled atmosphere. It is the best way to protect the handling and experimentation of sensitive or dangerous materials from possible contamination and contact with the ambient air. The glove box is therefore a guarantee for the safety of the operator and the protection of the products and the environment.

This containment solution is composed of transparent work surfaces, handling gloves, a stainless steel structure, control and regulation units, purification systems and sophisticated transfer systems.

In the transfer glove box, the air pressure can be lower or higher than the atmosphere depending on the desired protection and the ambient atmosphere required for the process. The manipulations carried out by the operators are completely safe. In addition, safety alarms are automatically triggered in case of anomalies.

There are two types of transfer gloveboxes: one for the containment of hazardous products and the other for the containment of inert atmospheres.

Each glove box must have at least one transfer system. However, several transfer systems can be integrated on some models. The transfer system allows the introduction of products and instruments inside the main chamber and prevents the rupture of containment. On a transfer glove box, it is preferable to integrate an entry and exit airlock.

Transfer Glove Boxes by Jacomex

Jacomex manufactures stainless steel glove boxes. All the models we develop have transfer systems, designed to facilitate the introduction and extraction of products without breaking the containment. Filters are integrated into the ventilation systems at the entrance and exit, ensuring a high level of protection for the product, the operator and the environment.

Your operations enjoy unparalleled protection with the various glove boxes we design. You can use them in overpressure for inert atmosphere containment and high process safety. For an efficient protection of hazardous materials, an optimal safety of your operators and the environment, you can use them in vacuum.

At Jacomex, we also manufacture multi-purpose glove boxes that ensure the protection of your operators, the environment and the processes.

We dedicate our designs to a variety of research and industrial processes, such as drug production, microelectronics, pharmaceutical compounding, optical manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing and many others. Different sectors use our transfer glove boxes: biotechnology, pharma-medical, nuclear, etc. In terms of containment, all the devices we develop offer a very high level of safety.

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