Laboratory vacuum ovens

Laboratory vacuum ovens

Laboratory vacuum ovens are, along with precision balances, among the most widely used devices in industrial laboratories or research laboratories. Depending on their use, these ovens can operate at atmospheric pressure or partial vacuum, and depending on the type of glove box, either under air or under neutral gas.

In the Research sector, these laboratory ovens are used in medical laboratories for biology, bacteriology, chemistry and physics and are suitable for all applications of bacteria cultivation, drying, hot storage and heat treatment. In the industrial, space, aeronautical or defence sectors, they act as drying ovens and allow electronic parts and components on programmable cycles in the work enclosure to be degassed before encapsulation, assembly or other manufacturing process.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Standard interior volumes start at 20 litres
Temperature with precision electronic regulation up to 300°C depending on
Ergonomic integration on sliding stainless steel tray

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