T-shaped Vacuum Chambers

T-shaped Vacuum Chambers

T-shaped vacuum chambers include three doors and allow transfers between two glove boxes, two isolators or two containment enclosures. In the same way, they provide transit from/to the outside through a front door. They represent an ideal solution for transferring samples without any pollution or contact with air during the different stages of development or production. They are mainly used on installations under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium), purified glove boxes and insulators under pure atmosphere.

Their operation is based on alternatively vacuuming (thanks to a vacuum pump) and  filling the chamber with gas in order to evacuate the air from the airlock. The user has the choice of carrying out a variable number of successive empty/fill cycles in manual or programmable automatic mode to best eliminate all traces of atmospheric pollutants.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Material: US AISI 304L stainless steel
Models: internal Ø 150 – 400 mm (other on request)
Doors Ø 150: quick-release or hinged
Doors Ø 400: hinged with capstan clamping, quick-lock for quick blocking in low position, lifting jacks outside the glove box for both doors
Sliding and removable tray
Vacuum gauge and manual/automatic control valves
Leak rate < 10-5 mbar.l/s

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