VMS120 Security Valve

VMS120 Security Valve

VMS120 Security Valve

For hazardous atmospheres, safety valves (designed and manufactured by Jacomex) offer reliable, efficient and long-lasting protection for operators and the environment. They were initially developed to ensure the safety of installations in a nuclear environment and have since been used for other applications where the protection of operators is a priority.

These models are designed to operate exclusively on negative pressure glove boxes. They can be mounted on glove boxes under air or under neutral gas.


Technical specifications – Information

Technical data:

Material: AISI 304L stainless steel
Mounted on the emergency circuit of the glove box
Mechanical operation, with membrane, without electrical connection
Ultra-fast response time due to direct reference to cabinet pressure
Connections: stainless steel flange DN120
Dry contacts for triggering alarms (pressure fault)
Security flow 200m3/h
Higher flow rates up to 500m3/h – contact us
Minimum required pressure of the extraction network: -1200 Pa

Main functions:

  • On/off valve (totally closed and airtight in normal operation – fully open in safety mode).
  • Total enclosure compatibility in depression under purified controlled atmosphere.
  • Safety flow (speed 0.5-1 m/s) in the event of an accidental breach of containment.
  • Increased safety flow on a glove box fitted with a vpr/vmr regulation valve (e.g. vmr63 + vms120 = safety flow 250m3/h).

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